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The Lyrical Chair is comfortable and engaging sitting. It introduces a small element of instability, and the natural balancing instinct brings the muscles into play. The Lyrical Chair healthfully relieves both the pain and stiffness that come from sitting. We make chairs with movement resistance levels that match your height and weight.

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Bob Holtby, M.A., P.T.
“Finally an elegant solution to the challenge of dynamic seating. Ex Chathedra's Lyrical Chair accomplishes dynamic postural sitting through insightful design and quality craftsmanship. The tilting platform subtly elicits a neuromuscular balance response from the core muscles, simultaneously minimizing tightness and resulting in effective muscle conditioning. In 30 years of consulting on ergonomics and patient care, this is the most effective design I have seen.”
“It's fun. I can get get into a better position for the treatment of patients. It makes me think about my ergonomics, which soon becomes a habit. ~ Michael Wahl, DDS

Sitting on the Lyrical Chair has relieved my leg fatigue. ~ Sheila Hartle, DDS  ”
Rene Botton, Teacher
“I used to have back pain at the end of every day of teaching, and now I never do.”
Jennifer Yopp, Cellist
“Lyrical Chair is my chair of choice for teaching and practicing.  It is not only superior to other chairs in comfort, which is of great importance to cellists, but it encourages correct posture in my students.  ”